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Aug 16, 2013 2:00pm PDT
flooded onto the streets after prayers in cairo in cities across egypt in what organizers are calling a day of rage. >> everyone is here to express their opinion. down with military rule. down with the old regime. down with anyone who kills egyptians. >> the military fired tear gas to disperse around 20,000 pro- morsi demonstrators who gathered there. the muslim brotherhood accuses the police of shooting live ammunition at peaceful protesters, killing dozens of people. casualty figures climbed as the vening wore on.s climbed as the security forces say they retaliated when gunmen attacked a police station in the capital. muslim brotherhood protests in the port city of alexandria also descended into violence. here, too, a number of deaths and injuries were reported. police are authorized to use deadly force against looters. tensions between supporters and opponents of mohamed morsi continue to mount, and so, too, does the death toll. >> we go live now to cairo. what is the latest? we are hearing the muslim brotherhood has called off the protest for today. do you expect any unrest to con
Aug 16, 2013 2:30pm PDT
in the crowd have retreated. all this is a sign of the danger on the streets of cairo. >> thousands gathered to remember the 34 miners killed in south africa last year. mine officials say they are truly sorry. taking us in through music history. we will introduce you to our bones you have probably never heard of before, and maybe for good reason. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and also around the globe. it was legit again today on the streets of egypt. after a series of antigovernment protests across the country turned violent, at least 50 people are dead. supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi demonstrated following friday prayers. expressing their anger at the killing of hundreds of demonstrators on wednesday. jeremy burns spent the day on the street -- but when spent the -- on the streets of cairo jeremy bowen spent the day on the streets of cairo. ended, the prayers fight for the future of egypt began again. this is kyra. they chanted, we do not care about life, we sacrifice ourselves for religion. they set off for ramseys square less than a mile away. the m
Al Jazeera America
Aug 22, 2013 12:00pm EDT
him from cairo's prison and here is the report from cairo. >> released from the prison after hours of legal procedure, hosni mubarak is released. the destination is very short down the road, the medical facility. he will remain under house arrest under the terms of the state of emergency decree issued by the government. his ban on leaving the country has also been reimposed. meanwhile, the trial for deaths in 2011 resumes. >> the allegation is that he will be tried through n three different cases and that movement is not just a revolution but a military coup. >> those who opposed him for decades will also appear. charged with inciting the violence in recent months. they accuse the morsi government of not being aggressive enough in taking action against mubarak, saying he must take responsibility for the release of the men he replaced. a prison cell but the circumstances have certainly emphatically improved. >> and what are we i think we lost jonathan betts but we will check in with him throughout the day and of course here for continuing coverage of the turmoil in egypt. you can al
Aug 2, 2013 7:00pm PDT
morsilice fire tear gas at protesters in cairo. partyent robert mugabe's has a huge lead in zimbabwe's parliamentary poll. the opposition threatens to take to the streets. a thriving black market in so-called abortion pills has health experts worried. >> tensions are running high in egypt's capital as supporters of mohamed morsi clash with police. tear gas was fired at loyalists, who rallied in front of a media complex in southern cairo. this is a scene where thousands of demonstrators have been camped out for weeks. defying the government's call to disburse. they say they will continue until morsi is reinstated. picking up, are thousands of people have been gathering and at least 15 cities across the country. human rights watch is warning that any attempts to clear the city could end in a bloodbath. >> the crowd may be smaller than -- but the resolve is just as strong. people telling us this is no longer about reinstating mohamed morsi, it is about protecting revolutionn -- the that began in january of 2011. that is what they believe is at stake. they're are also trying
Aug 14, 2013 2:00am PDT
and bulldozing tents. this situation is unraveling by the minute. and we are live in cairo with the latest. >>> and new details on rescued kidnapped victim hannah anderson. we hear from her for the very first time since her traumatic ordeal. find out why she did not run. >> fascinating. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> and i'm zoraida sambolin. it's wednesday, august 14th, 35k a.m. in the east. we're going to begin with a tense 12-hour standoff at a bank in louisiana. it is now over, and this morning with the hostage-taker dead and two of the hostages shot. it happened in st. joseph, that's near louisiana's northeast border near mississippi. alina, what you can tell us? >> reporter: zoraida, this is still a very active scene. we're going to zoom into the bank so you can see the police remain here. investigators continue to comb the bank for vefd. now louisiana state police have identified the alleged hostage-taker as 20-year-old fuaed abdo ahmed. authorities say ahmed walked into this tensas state bank with a gun and took three employees hostage-over
Aug 19, 2013 5:00pm PDT
, but this approach has been taken by the two parties, the army and the government, the leadership, and in cairo and all over egypt, there are many going between the government and the muslim brotherhood, so it is not that the egyptians really need a mediator for this talk. in addition, what is needed now is just to stop the egyptian society from paying much more heavy prices, so it is not that we -- >> how do you do that? how do you stop the spiral? >> getting the parties to reconsider or reevaluate, and it is for the muslim brotherhood to reevaluate their stance, and it is also for the government. i see the possibility that these efforts would not be successful, and we are in the middle of a very fluid situation, and it would not serve us in understanding. what each is facing today. >> on twitter. go ahead, abdul. >> this has already been repeated twice, this idea that the muslim brotherhood refused to negotiate or has held a very hard line. you just mentioned your self that there was a report over the weekend that said that a deal was brokered, at the european union had that, that it was alre
Aug 17, 2013 5:30pm PDT
with nwc's correspondent richard angle on the ground. >> good evening, kate. more gunfire in cairo as egyptian forces moved in to clear out supporterses of the muz 4ri78 brotherhood from a mosque and growing signs in the country of civil unrest. egyptians are turning on each other. supporters of the muslim brotherhood took shelter in a cairo mosque, terrified if they went outside they would be lynched by angry mobs who back the military. after a gun fight, an armed man in the mosque allegedly shot at troops. egyptian forces moved in. they escorted the protesters out. the military cloud chased down whoever they could. critics say egypt's military-backed government is encouraging this violence and hatred with nonstop media broadcast equating to muslim brotherhood to terrorists. >> reunited against the acts of terror and the instigation of violence, and the people that are trying to cripple our move towards the future. >> if the sun goes down, there is now fear in the street. we drove through central cairo just after the 7:00 p.m. curfew took effect in the city of 18 million with came
Aug 16, 2013 5:30pm EDT
retreated. a sign of the danger on the streets of cairo, the divided nature of society, the absolutely combustible mixture of people who oppose the military coup, people who support the muslim brotherhood, versus badly armed security forces. further down the square, other people were trying to get out of the line of fire. some jumped or fell. in ramseys square itself, they pulled out steel fences to use as barricades. it wasn't just happening in cairo. this was alexandria on the mediterranean coast, egypt's second city. clashes and deaths have been reported from across the country. wounded, dying, and the dead were carried out of the square. more and more of them. many were taken back to a mosque where some had prayed before the protest. treatedf counties were -- casualties were treated, and they kept coming in. the euphoria that followed the removal of the old dictatorship in 2011 seems like a long time ago now. army'sers of the actions, and there are many in egypt, will not have much sympathy for the casualties. this procession, they have been carrying bodies up the stairs now for mo
Aug 2, 2013 5:00pm PDT
, they are very concerned about that. >> the brotherhood camps in cairo, despite a government warning. catherine, hello. readying itself for confrontation, has there been reaction to his comments? >> as far as the missing brother who are concerned, what they're calling themselves the pro- democracy camp. critical of the u.s. all along for not saying what happened was a military coup. they have to stop and reconsider the $1.5 billion in military aid. they are now firmly behind the new authorities here. the middle eastern boy is due to arrive in cairo tonight and is going to meethe foreign minister tomorrow, pushing for both sides to reach a compromise. >> can you give us the name of the situation so far? >> despite the warnings from the authorities that they intend to disperse the sentence, the muslim brotherhood has called for huge demonstrations today. they are gathering and at cairo university, 33 marches from different mosques around cairo joining those citizens. you heard that they intend to block access to those sites within 48 hours. they are going to let people leave but they will not let
Aug 17, 2013 8:00pm PDT
protesters are cleared from cairo's al-fatah mosque turned morgue. more than 750 people are officially reported killed after four days of violence. meanwhile, the government is backtracking from its earlier threat to dissolve the mis-- muslim brother hood saying there can be no reconciliation. and divers in the philippines suspend their search for dozens trapped in a sunken ferry. 31 already confirmed killed after a cargo vessful collision. after four days of blood letting the unrest in egypt appears to be subdued this evening. as long as the curfew remains in effect. this evening, the focus is on cairo's al-fatah mosque with a standoff that included exchanges of gunfire. faced with growing international condemnation, the fellowship has insisted that security forces are confronting what it calls a terrorist plot with self-constraint and self-control. since wednesday, over 750 are reported officially killed nationwide. we look back at the events of the day. >> a mosque under attack. shots were fired toward the al-fatah mosque in cairo and fired back as egyptian security forces on the gr
Aug 15, 2013 2:30pm PDT
security council is getting an emergency briefing. jeremy bowen reports from cairo on the days events. the setsrought ice up of the mops because in cairo, dead bodies decompose sought -- quickly. inside there were 200 in trouts, surrounded by their families. they blame the army commander. this is my brother, my sister. >> they were claiming bodies and waiting to bury them. family sat for hours and saying their goodbyes. those who are able to speak said the dead were civilians who had been massacred. before they attack, many supporters talked about martyrdom. it is now reality. some of the bodies were too burned to be recognizable. the families of the dead do not want to talk about peace plans or of a political process. even though they think --instead they will discuss justice for the dead and their determination to keep on resisting what the army has been doing. this person hugged his mother and stood next to his brother's body. icefamily packed it with and he condemned the military command and the politicians they have installed. get away not going to with this murder. this is murde
Aug 19, 2013 2:30pm PDT
send this report. >> the dead policemen were thrown back to cairo's military airport. the government believes that al qaeda style jihadist killed the men. egypt's official media has not tried to connect the killings with the violent crackdown on the muslim brotherhood, but they add to the sense of profound crisis. screen --n on the egypt fighting terrorism. in english on an arabic language channel. that is the message the government wants to get out to western allies. the advisor to the interim president compared the muslim brotherhood's organization to nazis and fascists in 20th- century europe, and said proportionate force was being used against it. a peacefuliddle of assembly were people with machine guns, were people firing on our police forces. in any westernd capital, i would expect that you cannot just define -- >> do you expect hundreds of people to die? >> i can i give the count. this is the momentum of the situation. >> what is the future going to be for egypt? >> democracy, freedom, justice. >> how long? >> it is happening as we speak. >> how can you build democracy with t
Al Jazeera America
Aug 30, 2013 9:00am EDT
protests in egypt as masks are closed and whole sections are cairo are sealed off. >> 23 rebels are withdrawing troops from the front line. we report from the democratic republic of congo. >> hidden for 4 million years, details of an amazing discovery in greenland. ♪ theme >> the united states has lost britain's backing for any military intervention in syria, but it's not backing down. a possible strike still remains on the table. the obama administration is looking elsewhere for international support and france maybe a willing partner. we have our correspondent standing by in paris for more an that and we also have patty in washington for more on the u.s. direction and in london there's some friends. we'll talk to all three of them, first, we have this report. >> the day after a vote in the british parliament that will be talked about for many years, means the prime minister's authority has been badly damaged. >> we have to listen to parliament. they made a very clear view, which it doesn't want british involvement in military action so we will proceed on that basis. >> that
Aug 15, 2013 8:00am PDT
. >> we'll speak with sharif abdel kouddous in cairo and others on the crisis in egypt. bradley manning apologizes to a military judge days before his sentencing. we will speak with reporter alexa o'brien who has been in the courtroom since the beginning. all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. egypt's political crisis is growing after the country's deadliest file and sends the egyptian revolution broke out in chocolate thousand 11. at least five people were killed and over 3500 wounded in government rates on protesting catchments. usede and troops bulldozers, tear gas and live ammunition to clear out the sit ins. makeshift clinics were overrun with the dead and wounded area did members of the muslim brotherhood responded by storming and torching police stations. 43 police officers were reportedly killed. four journalists also died. egypt's army installed government has declared a month- long state of emergency and imposed a dusk to dawn curfew on the capital of cairo and 10 other provinces. the move came shor
Al Jazeera America
Aug 23, 2013 5:00am EDT
. >> former egypt president no bark is out of prison treated at a hospital in cairo and under house arrest after being released on thursday. that is a decision that led to threats of more protests. mike hanna reports from cairo. >> reporter: a helicopter rises from the prison after hours of legal procedure, hosni mubarak is released but the destination is a short flight down the road, the medical facility. his release at this stage is very much a technical term. he will remain under house arrest in terms of a state of emergency decree issued by the prime minister. a formal ban on leaving the country has also been imposed. >> we lost everything. now the police will return and justice will return and other negative thing that will stay away from us will come back. >> i believe it's enough for him to left power without using violence against us like the other one, mohamed morsi and that is enough. >> reporter: he will be in the courtroom on sunday with the trial and civilian deaths during the 2011 revolution resumes. on the same day in a different court, leaders of the muslim brotherhood th
Aug 22, 2013 6:30pm PDT
live to cairo. >> a german parliamentary investigative committee delivers a damning verdict on the country's intelligence agencies. >> and china's once untouchable poitical star bo xilai is on trial with a guilty verdict all but certain. >> well, it is another strange twist in the crisis in egypt. the president who was kicked out of power and a revolution two years ago has been freed from jail. >> on thursday, a helicopter transported hosni mubarak to a hospital just a day after a court ordered his release. >> we will go to cairo for a reaction, which has been rather muted. >> these images of an 85-year- old former strongman, who, in a rather dramatic turn of events, reclaims his freedom. >> the helicopter flight lasted a mere few minutes. the news dismayed many egyptians. hosni mubarak was allowed to leave jail and enter house arrest while the country's democratically elected resident, mohamed morsi, remains in custody after a military coup. it's a blow to morsi's islamist supporters but also to the activists of the 2011 arab spring. it was their protest on cairo posterity
Aug 16, 2013 5:30am PDT
on wednesday when two cairo encampments of supporters of the deposed president were supported -- were reportedly razed. that's cross strait to our cairo correspondent, -- let's cross straight to our cairo correspondent. can you tell us the latest? marchesast 28 pro-morsi are set out to mark from various mosques -- to march from various mosques in what they are calling a day of rage. the protests are against the killing of so many morsi supporters at the sit-ins on wednesday and also to demand that mohamed morsi is released. they,ti-morsi camp -- too, are calling for demonstrations in response. they want people to take to the streets to defend the country from terrorism. they have asked for popular defense committees to protect them. there have been many attacks on coptic churches, homes, and businesses over the past 48 hours. many people believe it was islamists who were responsible for those attacks. emotion is running high among morsi supporters. they are mourning their dead. some of them are now saying that the time for the people to protest is over. i spoke to the -- to one spokes
Aug 18, 2013 2:30pm PDT
clampdown in cairo. supporters canceled protest after four days of protest. u.n. inspectors arrive in syria to investigate claims that chemical weapons are being used. and china and russia continue to battle severe flooding across he far east. we begin in egypt, where islamist leaders say they've called off a series of rallies in cairo for security reasons. this comes after authorities raided the homes of muslim brotherhood members in an attempt to quell unrest. since wednesday clashes between security forces and supporters of ousted president mohammed morsi have left more than 180 people dead. tensions remained high with a vow to crack down on anyone using vees but he ininsisted there is room for everyone in egypt, including islamists. >> a show of force with tanks now posted throughout the capital. major squares have been blocked off, including the area around the mosque. police stormed a building on saturday arresting hundreds of protestors. banks and the stock exchange opened sunday for the first time in four days, but only for three hours. outside the capital many wonder when things wi
Aug 19, 2013 5:30pm EDT
and the definition of victory. >> cairo's main mortuary shows how nightmares are coming true. it is overflowing, so rotten bodies are kept in 4 refrigerated lorries. for missingng friends and relatives pick their way through the stench. talk,ate families want to but local people around the mortuary are violently hostile to international news teams, leaving government propaganda that we are biased. he bbc had to film covertly. there does not seem to be a way out of this. there does not seem to be a way of making it better. egyptianides of politics are not talking to each other. people fear more violence. her heart even much more violence. -- perhaps even much more violence. >> people believe there is a conspiracy. this man is claiming that the -- i have seente certificates for people who have been shot with causes of death left blank. many believe demonstrators get what they deserve. wasrs go back to the way it when hosni mubarak was president. his lawyer said the old dictator might be released from the prison in a few days. the dreams of 2011 seem very distant. bbc news, cairo. these more on all of
Aug 15, 2013 1:00am PDT
's happening in the streets of another country's capitol city. in this case, it's happening in cairo, the other major cities of egypt where the new government of egypt, which is actually the military, attacked what can be described as the other side in that country. it was 2011 when a popular uprising in the streets overthrough the dictatorship of hosni mubarak. he had ruled egypt for three decades, sustained and diverse street protests drove him to the brink. and then it was the military, the most powerful institution in that condition the that pushed him over that brink and out of office. for about a year and a half, the military held power while the country prepared for its first truly free elections in a generation. in those elections, it was the conservative religious muslim brotherhood that won its majority and the presidency. installed mohammed morsi as head of state in the most populous country in the middle east. and it did not turn out well. dissatisfied with morsi's governance. newly empowered egyptians gave him just 12 months and three days in power before they turned to the streets
Aug 18, 2013 5:00pm PDT
, the army's most prominent members gathered in cairo for a much anticipated speech. they have come under intense criticism following the violent crackdown on supporters of the ousted president, mohammed morsi. now is the chance for the head of the egyptian army to clarify some points. the egyptian people want freedom. their will is free. they can choose whoever they want to rule them, and we are the guardians of this will. >> accused by his opponents of acting like a dictator, the general defended the army's reputation and vowed not to bow to violence. >> we will not betray and we will not conspire. we will not set up schemes. we are an honorable and patriotic institution. >> in the last days they have sufered their worst bloodshed in modern history. the streets of cairo are empty at night but relatively busy during the day. residents want life to return to normal. >> to be honest, what he said was correct. we reject violence whether it's on one side or the other. who are the ones dying? the egyptians. >> we want to see reconciliation for egypt. >> the muslim brotherhood has accused the
Aug 14, 2013 2:30pm PDT
? catherine, we need to pause while we sort out the sound problem between paris and cairo. go back for the latest on the situation in cairo. let's bring you some more aspects of events in egypt. in the north, 10 people are reported dead. services are being suspended in an attempt to stop pro morsi supporters from joining in the protest. egypt's most high-profile international figure resign. he had been serving as interim vice president. he says he is not prepared to be held responsible for a single drop of blood. he submitted his resignation today. let's bring you reaction from around the world. there has been white bread -- widespread condemnation. condemnation from all corners as the international community spoke out against violent intervention. they have kept up criticism for over a month. they now call the recent bloodshed a massacre of peaceful protests. fear egypt is entering chaos. egypt is moving towards deadlock. >> his prime minister has even said the international community support of what he calls a military coup d'État has encouraged the army to carry out it bloody c
Aug 15, 2013 2:30pm PDT
any difference. the outcome is what happened on the ground. >> the very latest from cairo. barack obama has called off a joint military exercise involving u.s. and egyptian troops, saying that all forms of aid continue to be assessed and reviewed. billionceives $1.5 every year. they are holding an emergency meeting on the crisis following a request from france and great britain. >> violence continues in egypt and condemnation continues outside the country. barack obama expressed deep concern for the civilians caught up in the bloodshed, saying that martial law is oppression by force. the united states condemns the steps taken by the interim government and security forces. we deplore violence against civilians. we support universal rights essential to human dignity, including the right to peaceful protest. >> he also announced the u.s. canceled a joint military exercise with the egyptian army scheduled for next month. criticism has come in from europe, as french president francois hollande said they must prevent civil war and david cameron called for an end to violence. pointedipp
Al Jazeera America
Aug 22, 2013 11:00am EDT
but his legal problems and those of his assessors are far from over. we have more from cairo. >> reporter: hosni mubarak is out of prison. he remains in custody at an undisclosed location. but mubarak's freedom is technical. the interim prime minister has evoked state of emergency to keep him under house arrest, and mubarak is expected to be back behind bars on sunday when his trial on charges of complicit in the deaths of the revolution resumes. >> he's now on trial for three different cases. it means that they will use it for marking that. it's not just the revolution, it is a military tear coup. >> reporter: on the same day in a different court leaders of the muslim brotherhood who opposed mubarak for decades may appear. the movement, the self-styled youth body that spearheaded mass protest that proceed the military action has called for courts to strongly pure sue the prosecution of mubarak and morsi and ironically accuses the morsi government of not being aggressive enough of taking action against mubarak, and insists because of this morsi must take responsibility for the release of
Al Jazeera America
Aug 25, 2013 3:00am EDT
of the muslim brotherhood spiritual leader is due to begin shortly in cairo in the egyptian supreme court and the retrial of former president mubarak is also set to begin, both are related to charges of the death of protesters but, first, we explain the background to both cases. >> reporter: the egyptian governments had repressed the muslim brotherhood and once considered untouchable, those days have changed as the leader of the muslim brotherhood face a series of charges including insight to kill protesters. the pressure will be on the prosecution to provide evidence that will stand up in court. >> under mubarak there was always the possibility to assign specific judges through the ministry of justice, okay? but the judiciary resisted this. we have a movement of independents which was in 2005, 2006. confronted by mubarak. that spirit remained within the judiciary. while the system for the judiciary never allowed it to be independent but the great majority of judges managed to retain independence, certain judges had cooperated and i'm sure that some of those still exist but there has been
Al Jazeera America
Aug 30, 2013 5:00am EDT
institutions after friday prayers will be met with force. monica with al jazeera cairo. >> reporter: and we are live from cairo and we heard somebody say in monica's report large protests are very dangerous now but nevertheless protests are still planned for today, mike. >> indeed, yes, the call for protest has been made by anti-coup on a body that has the dominant and to stage marches and meet in large areas. there has been a massive heightening of security across cairo and cities and ramsy square have been sealed off completely by the army and police and they were scenes of violent confrontation in weeks and the square is seemed off and the mosque and ramsey square are closed and no prayers at those mosques in the course of the day. the interim government says the mosques are closed for renovation but certainly a massive security crack down and protesters insist they will continue to press their demands. >> reporter: and the crack down extending still to the muslim brotherhood and its leadership. >> very much so. there have been on going arrests of senior members of the senior brotherhoo
Aug 14, 2013 2:00am PDT
on cairo protests. a hostage standoff at a louisiana bank ends in gunfire just hours ago. >>> billionaire carl icahn shakes up the apple cart with a huge buy. >>> plus, jesse jackson jr. is sentenced to prison today. and everybody loves a winner. we'll show you 16 of them. >>> good morning. we begin with breaking developments overnight in what's already been a bloody day in egypt. this morning, egyptian forces moved in to try to clear camps held by supporters of ousted president mohamed morsis. dozens have been killed and thousands injured. we're live in cairo. good morning, ayman. >> reporter: we know that the option began this morning and two major squares here in the capital cairo. one of those squares has been cleared out, firmly in the control of egyptian security forces. tanks and armored personal carriers have been deployed in another part of cairo the major sit-in is ongoing. security officials have been killed. we also understand that according to members of the muslim brotherhood and their supporters up to 150 protesters have been killed. in the coming hours we'll get more infor
Aug 16, 2013 4:30pm PDT
of investors. >>> turmoil in egypt. big american companies halting operations in cairo, and as the violence escalates, it's putting a major defense firm's multi-billion-dollar deal in jeopardy. that and more tonight for friday, august 16th. >>> another milestone on wall street today but not good. the dow posted the worst weekly decline for 2013 and not only the blue chip struggling, a lousy week. they closed in the red for the second week in a row. what continues to nag investors is conflicting reports about the economy, like today's news. a closely watched consumer sentiment survey fell sharply, but there were strong numbers from housing, and we'll have more in just a moment. so investors played it safe and sold stocks. the dow lost 30 points. the nasdaq slipped three, and the s&p off 5.5 points. look the at the week, the dow and s&p tumbled 2%. >>> in the barn market the yield on the ten-year treasury spiked. >>> with stocks taking a tumble after shooting higher since the start of the year, the big question is this the full fledged correction so many on wall street were predicting? jackie
Aug 14, 2013 6:30pm PDT
in the streets of cairo. authorities say they are "mopping up." but the standoff appears far from over. >> they are firing at us with live ammunition. the army is firing at us. you hear those shots? >> security forces began clearing protest camps at dawn. one in eastern cairo and the other in the west of the city. they told demonstrators to leave the camps before hand, but most refuse to go. then security forces moved in, backed by armored cars and old users. police initially fired tear gas and rubber.... demonstrators responded with stones and models. the situation escalated. there are many dead and wounded. the european union is exercising all sides to -- is advising all sides to exercise maximum restraint. >> we appeal to all factions to return to dialogue immediately, to enter into negotiations, and sees violence -- and cease violence. order must be returned to egypt immediately. >> both sides are blaming each other for the violence. the egyptian interior ministry says the demonstrators opened fire first. the police responded. but the muslim brotherhood is calling it a massacre. >>
Aug 9, 2013 5:30am PDT
in into a massive street party in cairo to celebrate the end of ramadan and the start of eid. thousands of morsi followers defiantly took to the streets, including his wife and daughter, will make their first public appearance since he was ousted in july. yes, despite warnings from the military backed government that security forces would clear the pro-morsi cam. catherine is in cairo, and she has the latest. >> continuing their protest on this, the second day of the eid holiday in egypt. planning a number of marches from different mosques around cairo due to converge on the main sit in. square outside cairo university later on this afternoon. the coalition, as morsi supporters call themselves, issued a statement saying they are determined to continue protesting until the coup is ended. absolute defiance even though integral authorities have warned they will move into dispersed the sit in in -- imminently. the interim prime minister set the government is approaching a situation they would rather avoid. that would really seem to indicate security forces will move in soon to break up the protest.
Aug 17, 2013 6:00am PDT
a cairo mosque, where hundreds of muslim brotherhood supporters have barricaded themselves in. haveers in the philistines saved many, but the search goes on. the title at the world athletic championships in moscow. we begin with egypt, where islamist protesters are calling for fresh rallies. more than 80 people were killed on friday after supporters of mohamed morsi called for a day of wrath. police in cairo are working to city'sa standoff at the mosque. protesters are refusing to leave the building. many have fled their to escape the violence. --co protesters have >> protesters have rallied at the mosque. they are in support of hundreds of more who have barricaded themselves inside the mosque. tooksupporters of morsi refuge inside. renewed clashes broke out between their camp and police. the mosque will become a new flashpoint between miller he -- military appointed government and islamists. many egyptians are at a loss. islam nor any other religion allows the destruction of a country for the sake of a presidency. if i have noel as place in my own country. what should i do? i am afrai
FOX News
Aug 17, 2013 9:00am PDT
that. see you all on "the five." have a great weekend, everybody. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> doug: in cairo, a place of prayer is now a fortress filled with gunshot and bloodshed. a sign of how rapidly stability in egypt is deteriorating. almost 200 people have been killed as protesters between supporters and opponents of the muslim brotherhood become increasingly violent. the egyptian government is vowing to "quite terrorism through security measures." leland vittert is following the situation from our mideast bureau now. leland? >> reporter: doug, there is no question the muslim brotherhood protest becomes nothing short of a full armed insurrection inside of cairo. the muslim brotherhood on one side. the army and many civilians who have taken up arms against the muslim brotherhood on the other. the latest video coming from a mosque near where the muslim brotherhood tried to storm a police station. you can just see a never-ending string of automatic weapons fire coming out of this mosque. that's where the gunmen have taken up the position in the minerette. police are trying to fight their
Aug 16, 2013 4:00am PDT
to a government building in cairo. >> i'm looking right behind you there and cairo seems quite quiet, which is rare. you usually see a lot of traffic. can you give me a sense of what is going on. >> reporter: it's very quiet. the streets are deserted as the muslims are getting ready for their day of rage, which propss to be a day of marches. police and military forces are still heavily deployed across the city and we're going to have to wait to see how this plays out as the afternoon goes on. >> alex ortiz in cairo. thank you, alex. >>> now to the latest on the nsa surveillance program. it's report thad the secret spy agency broke privacy rules or overstepped its authority thousands of time each year. the "washington post" says internal documents and documents it received from leaker edward snowden were unintended but they violated the law. in one example, a programming error involved the interception of a large number of calls. >>> and this morning a weather system brewing in the gulf of mexico has a potential to bring drenching rainfall to the southeast. cbs consultant david bernard expla
Al Jazeera America
Aug 30, 2013 2:00pm EDT
the army meanwhile, firing tear gas on anti coupe protestors in cairo. they say they will continue taking to the streets. we are live in our cairo bureau. tear gas being fired at protestors, reports that at least three people have been killed so far. are there still a lot of people out on the streets of cairo and in other parts of egypt right now? >> no, relative to the day, there aren't that many people. now we have seen two different protests, anti coup protests in cairo, one near the presidential palace. it's the first time that the area sees protests past curfew. an area near here earlile on in the day, you were showing pictures of tear gas fired in that area. well, the situation developed throughout the course of the night and i would say hundreds of anti coup protestors were in a stand off. in the last 45 minutes, we've seen the security forces move in, disperse the protestors and arrest a lot of the people who were still on the streets. we didn't see more tear gas being fired. it seems that that situation has calmed down but there's been a strong message sent throughout the course
Aug 16, 2013 3:00pm PDT
authority thousands of times a year. then we go to cairo where the muslim brotherhood has called for a day of rage after more than 600 people were killed on wednesday. >> the one thing people will not stand for in the long term is to have this kind of regressive security state inflicted upon them. once the targets of this authoritarian apparatus moves away from the islamists and starts imposing itself on other parts of egyptian society, then perhaps,e might see, once again a popular uprising against that kind of crackdown. >> we will speak with sharif abdel kouddous in cairo and p.j. crowley, former state department spokesperson, who is called for the u.s. to suspend military aid to egypt and call the ouster of mohamed morsi a coup. then, didn't eight-year-old spy for america? we look at how u.s. allies in yemen used a child the place electronic chips on the man he considered to be his surrogate father. days later, the man was killed in u.s. drone strike. all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. brotherhoode muslim
Al Jazeera America
Aug 21, 2013 11:00am EDT
from cairo. what has the reaction before to this news, jonathan? >> yeah, it is a huge development, the reaction at cairo is waiting and seeing. two years ago the country celebrated when hosni mubarak was thrown from office, but in the past two years, a lot has changed in egypt, the government has changed triwice. but today acourt in cairo, cleared one of the last hurdles. now it looks like it is becoming increasingly possible that hosni mubarak could be freed from prison. unlikely to happen today, but sources telling al jazeera it could happen as early as tomorrow. not a guarantee, though. we're obviously not sure exactly what may happen. but he does -- there are appeals in place, and he could -- that decision could be appealed by prosecutors as early as tomorrow. and he does face other charges. there's a trial that begins on sunday for his role in the killing of protesters in 2011, but certainly this is a big change. >> so jonathan it sounds the way that you are explaining this. it sounds that this almost amounts to bail in a way. but he could be free, but he still has all of the
Al Jazeera America
Aug 23, 2013 12:00pm EDT
solders in 2009. >>> one person has died in fighting north of cairo, the demonstrations take place more than a week after hundreds of people died in a bloody crackdown on anti-coup protesters. david jackson joins us live from cairo. how large have these protests actually been? >> reporter: well, not quite as much, richelle. it was set to be the friday of martyrs as you said. they thought they would have 28 separate demonstrations across the country. most of them did come off, all of them smaller than expected. there is a report that one person was killed. but all in all the demonstrations were considerably smaller than they were thought to have been, or might have been. so the muslim brotherhood didn't get the turnout that they thought they might get, but they claim there will be further days of demonstration coming up. >> is that fatigue or fear, any way to know why there wasn't such a turnout? >> i think that's an interesting question. yeah, i think it's fatigue. most people say that that is a factor in all of this. that day on the 14th was just such a traumatic day, there is fatigue.
Aug 7, 2013 2:30pm PDT
the streets of cairo after calling the political crisis a failure. is facing fears of a new nuclear emergency. you are watching from paris. >> we start with washington- russia talks taking a dive. this in retaliation for moscow giving asylum to intelligence leader edward snowden. our correspondent in washington has more. given byrts of reasons the white house in their statement earlier today, among them missile defense arms control and human rights among the issues were the -- where the united states and russia are not agreeing, according to the white .ouse clearly, there was a threat hanging over this meeting ever since edward snowden arrived at the moscow airport and got comfortable at the transit lounge. now he has that temporary asylum in russia. that will not be gone any time soon. what the united states has always wanted and has not got is why this meeting is taking place. they want russia to send edwards noted back to face asylum charges. to face felony charges. house where three men were kept captive and rate for over a decade has been demolished. the 52-year-old former school bus dri
Aug 17, 2013 2:30pm PDT
♪ to "the journal." i am terry martin in berlin. the top stories. police in a standoff at a cairo mosque where dozens of muslim brotherhood supporters had barricaded themselves. the search goes on in the philippines at a sunken ferry for those still missing. retains his shot putt world championship in moscow. >> we begin in egypt where government troops have forced their way into a cairo mosque against supporters of the muslim brotherhood. this is the latest in a series of violent clashes where 170 people have been killed in the last 24 hours. the standoff at the mosque in ended onmsi square friday as there was heavy gunfire as the police removed several supporters of mohamed morsi. a curfew is in effect across the city. morsi supporters barricaded themselves inside the mosque, seeking refuge from the army backed security forces outside. the standoff outside the house lasted for hours, but then the gunbattle began. the crowds panicked as shots rang out. sharpshootershood fired from a minaret. chaos spiraled again. all attempts at finding a peaceful resolution came to nothing. bada
Aug 15, 2013 6:00am PDT
as last night. >> casey wian, thank you. >>> an eerie calm grips cairo one day after 525 people were killed in violence across egypt. mohamed morsi blaming one another for the bloodshed. security forces launched a full-on assault. but those troops say they responded only after the protesters attacked them. cnn's ian lee is on the ground in cairo this morning. tell us more, ian. >> well, carol, right now a couple things we're watching. first of all, we have a government building in the government of giza which state tv is reporting being attacked by muslim brotherhood. supporters of the muslim brotherhood. they show pictures of that on fire. we can't independently verify that. but that's what they're reporting. we are also watching this death toll from yesterday's clashes which seems to be rising dramatically. earlier this morning it was just over 200. now it's well over 500. and we're expecting it to continue to rise as they count the bodies. a very horrific scene from yesterday where we saw the security forces clashing with the morsi supporters. and really turn that whole camp into
Al Jazeera America
Aug 30, 2013 11:00am EDT
at a check point in the cairo sub push. no word yet on a motive behind the attack. and whether it was linked to the recent protests. as thousands continue to protest, al jazeera mike has more for us from cairo. >> friday prayers completed, many prepared to take to the streets in protest. >> in recent weeks dozens of brotherhood leaders have been arrested but the anti-coup alliance, is a dominant part, has called on its followers to continue to press their demands. for the reinstatements of the democratically elected government. >> but while small protests get underway in many parts of cairo, these are the scenes in the vicinity of the number of mosques. deserted streets. whole neighborhoods quartered off by the police and the military. the apparent pension here to contain whatever protests there are within defined areas. and prevent the various demonstrations from limping together in one mass expression of public dissent. the express warning from the mini of the interior. any action will be met with the upmost force. few will be likely to breech these barriers. cairo. >> coming up, your labo
Al Jazeera America
Aug 21, 2013 8:00am EDT
not to say anyt on his stand-by attorney. >> a court in cairo is set to review a petition today calling for the release of former egyptian president must be regular. he was toppled from power during the arab spring uprising. there have been suggestions that mubarak could be freed because several corruption charges against him have been dropped. that appears unlikely. he still faces charges of ordering the killing of protestors two years ago. jonathan betz is on the ground in cairo with the latest developments. are people talking about this, that mubarak could be freed from prison. >> yeah, without question, that is the big news of the day is what is going to happen to former president hosni mubarak. there is a hearing going on. we are waiting to hear the results hopefully any minute now. they are discussing something that once seemed impossible, that the former president deposed in 2011 may be released from prison. the hearing is to focus on corruption charges against him and whether to clear him of those charges and allow him to walk out. there's a lot of legal maneuvering that can hap
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